Welcome to Phoenix Fist Martial Arts

Our philosophy is that Martial Arts should be accessible and fun for everyone.

We specialise in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Click here to see where and when our classes are held.

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We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon!


Please note there will be no classes on:

  • Monday 17th of December 2018 to Friday 4th of January 2019 inclusive.

New Class!

We are pleased to announce we’re opening a new class from the beginning of November. This will run on Tuesday evenings at 8:15pm in the Marlow Youth Centre. It’s a great location, with excellent facilities, a really high ceiling and plenty of parking! We’re really looking forward to starting teaching in this new location.

For more details please see the Classes Page.

Master Dwan Tai Chi Workshop

Thanks to Master Dwan for a fantastic seminar on Fire Wheels on Sunday!

It was awesome to be instructed on this exotic and ancient weapon from the man personally taught and authorised to teach by Grandmaster Sun himself.

A great day was had by all with a full turn out and ages ranging from teenager to students in their 60’s and 70’s.

Thanks to all students who supported this event.

Congratulations Graders!

Well done to all those who passed their Kung Fu grading on Sunday – everyone worked very hard and this was obvious with the level of skill shown on the day.

Extra brownie points to Mark for flying back from Berlin specially for the grading!

Grading – October 11th

The Kung Fu Grading will be held on Sunday October 11th at the Marlow Bottom Village Hall.

Family and friends are welcome to attend.


  • 10:15am Pre-grading Class
  • 11:15am Grading starts

Please ensure you bring your grading record card and licence with you.

Good luck!

Charity Evening a Great Success!

On Saturday evening (25th October) Steve was speaking at Liston Hall in Marlow on the subject of Chi, the part it plays in our lives and how we can use it to improve our health and wellbeing. The evening was in aid of the PACE charity to help children with Cerebral Palsy and was a huge success with a great audience filling the hall to capacity. Thanks to everyone who came along!

30 Years of the Dragon!

This weekend I was honoured to be invited to the 30 year anniversary celebration of the Dragon Kung Fu School. This school has produced some of the finest martial artists in the world. This picture shows (from left to right) yours truly, Master Tony Lloyd (8th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of the Seal Lung Kung Fu school) and Master Keith Dwan (7th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of the Dragon Kung Fu school).

It was a fantastic day with both Keith and Tony giving demonstrations, showing levels of skill that remind the rest of us what we should be striving for. I was particularly honoured when Keith introduced me to the hall and asked me to present two of the medals of the day. Tony was my first instructor in Kung Fu and Keith was the man who introduced me to the internal arts of Hsing-I, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Iron Palm, not to mention a whole suite of weapons. I wouldn’t be walking the path I am now without the fantastic background in internal and external power I received from these two masters, so it was great to be with them once again.